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PLC – control with touch panel

PLC allows more effective, faster and well-arranged control of the baking oven.

Baking band ovens fitted with programmable logic controller (PLC) makes the oven control easier and easier to view the process and thus it decreases demand for oven personal besides other things. To start the production it is enough to turn on the control panel and to choose the requested recipe on the touch screen and to start the whole oven by one pressing the button.

PLC in itself takes care of heating up the oven to the requested temperature, setting the requested baking time, steam pressure, power of duotherm, power of forced exhausts, setting of dampers for heating and vapour steam exhausts and setting other equipment installed in the oven.

In the same easy way it is possible to put the oven out of operation safely and with care after the production is done or for the plan temporary shut-down.

Controlling with help of  PLC system enables to enter different levels. With help of individual passwords can be defined, who is entitled:

  • to modify the recipe setting,
  • to confirm the finished requested maintenance on the baking oven,
  • to change the important system setting,
  • to determine and give the right to access.

PLC allows further:

  • counting hourly, daily, weekly production with sending these data to the server and evaluation of energy consumption in dependence with the operation time and number of the baked products (if there is a production counter and gas meter),
  • remote connection for the heads of the bakeshop with the oven and thus enabling the checking functions for the oven and the oven operation of workers (if a modem is used),
  • displaying the thermal trends of individual zones and set-point value of the temperature,
  • storing the worker´s operation (for example when in change of the requested temperature, it saves automatic the date, time and the changed value) and unusual events arisen during the operation of the oven,
  • setting of as many as 300 recipes for the products (for each recipe it is possible to set: the requested temperature, baking time, output of duotherm or forced exhaust, steam pressure, damper positions and other supplementary equipment installed in the oven).

The operation of such equipped ovens only runs with supervision of the operators and it does not require the permanent checking of setting and operational functions of the oven.

This system can be built in all the types of the baking band ovens with different sizes made by the company J4 s.r.o. If the oven is controlled by PLC, it is also possible to equip the oven with dampers with servo-drives see. Automatic control for dampers makes possible to gain easier, faster and more effective operation of the oven.

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