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Sponge biscuits lines

Lines for baking products made of sponge cake biscuit dough enable not only making round sponge cake biscuits of various diameters, but also baking quite unusual shapes.

It depends only on the features of equipment that injects dough on the oven band that should be steel one due to high fluidness of dough.

Complete standard line consists of the following equipment:

  • flour silos,
  • mixing centre with flour, water and ingredients dosing,
  • turbo mixer,
  • dough dropping device on the oven band,
  • baking band oven,
  • cooling and transport conveyors,
  • packing machine for the finished products.

You can see the whole line in our daughter´s company „Perník s.r.o.“. Thanks to natural mutual cooperation of both companies a few dropping and setting devices have been developed based on the actual demand on the market and thus it was achieved unique technological advantage over other producers.

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