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Durable pre-baked pastry lines

One of the main advantages of producing these pre-processed products is their long shelf life in the event of extremely long transportation distances. The production lines intended for the durable pre-baked pastries make use of appropriate interruption in the baking process or the protective atmosphere of the baked product.

Interruption of baking

During this method for prolongation of expiry date, the product is not completely baked, but just pre-baked, and after taken out from the band baking oven this product is immediately frozen.

Products frozen in this manner are maintained in low temperatures for the entire duration of their storage and transport, until they are finally completely baked in finishing ovens directly in the stores or shops, petrol stations or at home in an everyday oven.

Protective atmosphere

When this manner of prolongation for shelf-life is used, it is in maximum possible extent to prevent the product to be contaminated by mildew that can be found in an air commonly. It is the best way to avoid the mildew to have access to the product at the moment as soon as the product is finished and it leaves the baking tunnel. The solution is to separate the space at the oven out-feed from the common operation of the oven and in such a separated space it is advisable to achieve the minimum occurrence of mildew with help of suitable air-conditioning, air filtration and UV emitters. In the same manner it is convenient to prevent the product contamination as well as in the cooling and packing room, where the product is being packed into packaging with protective atmosphere.

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