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Biscuits for pets and animals lines

The production lines for baking these biscuits enable to produce a large number of the product assortment in the same line, where this line can consist of standard production baking technologies, as it is common for baking production, and also of the special technology for the dough preparation intended for the animal consumption.

Complete standard line consists of the following equipment:

  • flour silos,
  • mixing plant with flour, water and ingredients dosing,
  • forming device with extruder, with or without filling, or with forming roller,
  • baking band oven,
  • cooling and transport conveyors,
  • packing of the finished products.

For lines of this type, ovens with a fine wire mesh band are generally used, without a steam zone, with duothermic zone, alternatively with hot-air curtain or STIR technology in various baking and drying lengths.

The baking oven in itself can consist in combined way of direct-heating and indirect-heating cyclotherm or indirect heating convection part. The most suitable type and mutual arrangement of particular parts of ovens is determined from the requested assortment and for that reason we recommend you to consult first all your requirements with our specialists and then to prepare the design of the line so that it would meet all the expectations for the production and it would reflect the possibility how to arrange the line in the premises of the bakeshop.

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