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National specialities lines

Thanks to long-term experiences and activities worldwide of our company J4 s.r.o. we have ourselves made familiar step by step with various types of national specialities.

Owing to our careful and patient attitude we managed to modify properly each line to the specific product.

Overview of the chosen national specialities:

  • Arab bread,
  • Asian and Caucasus bread (lavash, barbari, sangak),
  • ciabatta,
  • Scandinavian bread (made of rye flour),
  • Russian form bread (special sorts with preserved dough),
  • flat cakes made of corn and potato dough and so on.

Production lines for the production of national specialities differs a lot from one to another generally. For that reason it is advisable to consult first all your requirements with our specialists and then to prepare the design of the line so that it would meet all the expectations for the production and it would reflect the possibility how to arrange the line in the premises of the bakeshop.

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