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Baranka, sushka, taralli and pretzel lines

Completely new technology solution removes manual work and noneconomic production procedures.

The company J4 s.r.o offers fully automated line for making products like sushka, baranka, taralli and pretzel.

Complete standard line consists of the following equipment:

  • flour silos,
  • mixing ccentre with flour, water and ingredients dosing,
  • shaping device for tins or pressing out through jets,
  • device for sprinkling,
  • baking band oven,
  • dipping and glazing equipment,
  • cooling and transport conveyors,
  • packing of the finished products.

All these products are very similar by the shape. The differences in the production can be found only in forming equipment and way of moisturizing.

Forming and shaping machine for sushka, baranka, and pretzel makes use of pressing out of dough through the round jet (nozzle) and subsequent rolling out. We, together with Italian producer, offer a unique solving for the shaping equipment for the taralli production. When the dough is pressed out through the press nozzles, the strips are formed and they are cut to the requested lengths. After that each single piece of the strip is jointed in the small round by the sophisticated device and thus the round shape of taralli is created with the typical joint of both ends.


Sushka and baranka products, after being formed, enter the spiral proofer and then they enter into pre-steam moisturizing unit. The proofer is not needy for the taralli products, they enter directly into pre-steam moisturizing unit, alternatively also in salt or lye bath. Pretzel products do not require either proofer or pre-steam moisturizing unit, only lye bath.

For the band ovens it is enough to choose the appropriate band (it means the print on the lower part of the product) and alternatively to choose the possibilities for moisturizing also in the oven.

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