Bakery tunnel ovens

We offer a modular solution of baking tunnel ovens intended for the production of the baked products.

Bakery lines

We supply the complete production technology lines intended for bakeries and confectioneries.

Oven accessories and additional oven modifications

For all types and sizes of the baking band ovens we offer a lot of supplementary accessories for ovens.

Grain and rapeseed dryers

We produce the grain dryer type NS 8000, which is designed for hygienically defect-free drying of rapeseed, corn and other types of grain.

Technology and development

In addition to the production of the baking band ovens, we also deal with the development and modernisation of the baking technologies.


We repair and continuously service the baking band ovens of type PPP and older oven types PPC.

About the company

The company J4 s.r.o. deals with development and production of baking band ovens and with the complete supplies of bakery, pastry and confectionery lines. More

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booth nº 2E11, 4.-10. 05. Dusseldorf


Launching of the new oven in Dzerzhinsk (Russia).

 J4 launched into operation a new cyklothermic band oven  PPP 3,0 63.211... [more]

Oven assembly in Russia

In the Russian city of Šadrinsk we just launched into operation a hybrid tunnel oven PPP 1.2... [more]

Launching into operation: 3 ovens for common pastries in Rosice - Czech Republic

Last year, our company has introduced a modified cyclothermic oven for baking common pastries.... [more]

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