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Utilization of waste heat


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Heat exchanger is an equipment that is intended to utilize the waste heat gained from the combustion chimney of the oven.
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Utilization of waste heat

The acquired waste heat can be used for heating hot supply and technological water, heating buildings and for air-conditioning units. We use and supply currently the heat exchangers made by the company Ventos that are the best products on the market these days.

The decision to put the heat exchanger on for utilisation of the waste heat is a complex issue and it differs case by case. If you are interested in it, we suggest you to refer to the company Ventos that is ready to make the study on payback period of the investment, to prepare the project for the connection to thermal circuit of the bakery and answer all your inquiries.

Owing to their construction, the heat exchangers together with oven from the company J4 s.r.o. do not require any increase in the burner power (unlike all the other producers) and thus they do not cut down nor even devalue the investment put into such equipment.

Equipment for waste heat utilisation can be used for cyclotherm baking ovens PPP of all the types and sizes, with exception for electrical heated baking ovens.

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