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Cereal products lines

Modern style of living places emphasis on good conduct of healthy life, consuming quality foodstuff with health benefits, and that is why the popularity of cereal products rises also.

In the cooperation with Czech and international producers, we supply the complete production lines for fully automated continual line.

Complete standard line consists of the following equipment:

  • storage of ingredients and way conveyors,
  • mixing centre with water and ingredients dosing,
  • transport conveyors,
  • spreader of mixture into uniform layer on the band,
  • baking tunnel oven,
  • cooler,
  • grinder for cooled layer to the requested dimensions of the final product,
  • transport conveyors,
  • packing of the finished products with option for adding other ingredients, for  example dried fruits, chocolate, nuts and so on.

The properly kneaded mixture is dropped directly on the band of the baking oven so that the layer should have the same height in the whole width. The oven for producing cereal products is usually fitted up with steel band due to small size of ingredients in the mixture.  After baking and cooling the compact layer is broken to the requested grain and it is packed with the vertical packaging machinery. Before packing it is possible to add another ingredients into müsli.

Cereal mixtures can be formed in any way, if you are interested, please, get in contact with our experts.

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