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„Multi-line“ type lines

In recent times it has become one of the fastest growing segments. The main advantage of these lines is that they enable you to bake various types of products, baked either in individual tins, or in its sets, or on trays (plates) of the same or the different dimensions and all in one production line.

It concerns mostly the semi-automated lines for medium-scale production. These lines are capable to bake wide assortment of products with low investment costs and they can respond to the actual demand from the purchasers of the bakery shop in flexible way.

Overview of the chosen product assortment:

When in designing the line, it is necessary to choose the expected types of products that pre-determinate the essential equipment of the line. The equipment for dough preparation, loading of tins or trays or also the proofer must meet sometimes the dissimilar parameters for particular types of the products. It is the most convenient to consult first with our specialists all the requirements and then to prepare the design and the technical proposal of the production line so that it would meet the requests for the production and it would reflect the possibilities of the line layout in the premises of the bakeshop.

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