Logo společnosti J 4 s.r.o.

“We build ovens for mastersof their craft”

Quality policies

The main motto of our company is flexibility, reliability and quality. We would like to be perceived by clients (bakers) as a professional partner, to be ready to fulfil their demands at any time and to react flexibly to changes in their requirements.

Therefore, we create an environment in the company, in which each employee contributes with commensurate qualifications and self-education on a regular basis and this leads towards a constant growth in all of our quality standards.

By implementing an internal system for quality management and inspections in the production, we strive for reaching the highest possible conformance of our products with quality requirements. And for that reason, we also demand our suppliers to accept the implemented principles and goals in the area of quality and their full support.

As we are aware of the influence of our activities on our surroundings, we accept responsibility for the design of products, which will correspond precisely with the needs of our clients, but at the same enabling effective use of power and raw materials.