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Hamburger buns lines

With regard to the client´s need, type of the production and the selected equipment it is possible to supply these lines as semi-automated and but also as fully automated for baking buns on the baking sheets, which enable continuous automated operation.

Complete standard line consists of the following equipment:

  • flour silos,
  • mixing plant with dosing of flour, water and ingredients,
  • dough divider,
  • forming equipment,
  • transport conveyors,
  • equipment for setting dough balls on baking sheets,
  • sprinkle equipment,
  • proofer loading equipment,
  • proofer,
  • oven loading equipment,
  • baking band oven,
  • unloading equipment for hamburger buns,
  • baking sheets handling,
  • cooling and transport conveyors,
  • packing of the finished products.

Baking band ovens for such type of production are generally added by upper air circulation in the baking tunnel – so called duotherm, which improves the convection and thus uniform brown colouring of the finished product on upper sides. The oven is usually furnished with wire mesh band, which is the most suitable for making hamburger buns. Fully automated lines for the production of buns are very popular above all thanks to their efficiency in the production, savings in the production costs, high reliability and thus with low demand for maintenance.

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