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Stainless steel 2-jacketed chimneys and exhausts

Nowadays the 2 jacketed chimneys are solely used for the waste fumes exhaust arisen during the gas combustion and for the exhaust of combustion products (vapours from the baking process) from the oven.

The company J4 s.r.o. offers in the supply of the oven also the manufacturing and assembly of the 2 jacketed chimneys in the stainless steel execution.

Advantage of the 2 jacketed chimneys is the condensation point of water steam (approx. 100°C) that is found between outer and inner jacket of the chimney. In this space there is a thermal insulation, in which no humidity exists that could condense.  The exhausts from the oven are fitted with so-called condensation tanks that serve for the drain of the remaining condensation water arising during heating up and cooling of the baking oven when the temperature in the oven did not exceed the condensation point yet.

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