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STIR – infrared radiation

STIR is a patented ceramic layer that makes the baking process more effective.

This special ceramic layer put on the upper heating radiator provides significantly faster heating of the baked products crumb than in comparison with common convection baking methods. With use of STIR technology, it results in lower loss of dough during baking, in the increase of the size and quality of the baked product, by that the product freshness is prolonged and that the baking time is shortened.

Differences in baking of convection oven and oven equipped with STIR layer

Standard convection oven

Convection heat hands over the heated air with steam into the outer surface of the product. Due to the low heat conductivity of the dough the heat penetrates towards to the core of the dough piece rather slowly. As a result the core is heated up to the temperature necessary for forming and stabilizing crumb in around 11 -15 minutes (that holds true for 400 g dough piece). During this period, the product’s surface is intensely heated and this creates a thick crust, whose quality can only be affected by steaming.

Oven equipped with ceramic layer STIR

In oven with ceramic STIR layer the heating is performed by convection heat and by infrared radiation from layer STIR. Infrared radiation penetrates to the mould’s core quickly, where it reaches temperatures necessary for the formation of a quality crumb in about 4 to 5 minutes (that holds true for 400 g dough piece). As a result, the crust on the surface of the product is created rather more slowly and is thinner.

Ceramic layer STIR is applied on the upper heating radiator. Hot radiator heats up the ceramic layer STIR and then this layer generates infrared radiation. Intensity of the infrared radiation is proportional to the temperature of the upper radiator. The hotter the radiator is, the stronger the infrared radiation is and the stronger its influence for baked products is.

This optional accessory is applicable to all types and sizes of cyclothermic and electrical baking band ovens of the company J4 s.r.o. In the ovens with electrical heating the ceramic layer is spread directly on the heating element, with which the maximum effectivity of STIR technology is secured. This technology with ceramic layer STIR is not applicable to convection ovens or ovens with direct electric heating as a consequence of the nature of heating.

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