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Pressureless steam generator

Pressureless steam generator is equipment for supplementary production of technology steam for baking band ovens of the company J4 s.r.o.

Description of steam generator

The generator is a double-jacketed cylinder tank, insulated from the outside, installed between the burner and the baking tunnel. The installation of this generator will not affect the oven features (even distribution for baking, baking curve etc.).

Advantages and disadvantages of steam generator

This system of arrangement is more energy convenient in comparison with the steam produce in traditional self-contained generators, because the same heating system is used for steam produce and for heating of the baking oven, and thus one loss in exhaust chimney is saved for each installed steam generator.
The slight disadvantage of this device is the increased demand on maintenance and the operating life in relation to the quality of the water being used to generate steam.

Pressureless steam generator (connection scheme):

1: burner
2: generator body
3: level indicator
4: supply float tank
5: water gauge
6: spherical cock
7: funnel
8: opening for cleaning
9: oven insulation
10: water safety guard
11: three-way open valve, non-closing
12: existing steam flow
13: sludge cock
14: sludge tank
15: steam inlet to steam piping
16: spherical valve
17: throttle cock
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