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Extension of infeed and outfeed of the oven

For baking band ovens you can choose the option of the extension of infeed and outfeed part.

Infeed and outfeed oven extensions are supplied in various lengths and widths and for all types of  ovens produced and supplied by us.

Extension of infeed part

Extension of infeed part of the oven is suited for example for using of product cutting machinery, for automatic vertical setting from the proofer, for pre-steam equipment or for any other technical or technological reason.

The infeed extension can be equipped with a heating “nose” (positioned under the baking band), which aids in accelerating the heating process of the band prior to entering the oven. This „nose“ can be of various lengths, depending on the length of the extension.

Extension of outfeed part

Extension of the outfeed part of the oven can be used for better cooling down of the product after baking, in case of need for the space to install injection or sprinkling machinery, or for any other technology equipment.

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