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Moistening of products

Moistening of products is based on spraying products with slightly dispersed water mist.

Moistening is used for the raw dough pieces or the already finished products, where the function of this device enables spraying the products with slightly dispersed water mist.

Function of moistening

Moistening of raw products at the oven infeed area is used to decrease the temperature of the surface of proofed products entering the oven baking tunnel, which is equipped with a steam zone. Owing to lower surface temperature it improves sticking of steam on the product and thereby it significantly increases the effectiveness of the entire steam process.
Moistening of baked products at the oven outfeed is mainly used in achieving the greatest possible surface shine and overall attractive appearance of the baked product.

Moistening device is available for all the types and sizes of the baking ovens supplied by the company J4 s.r.o.

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