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Název projektu: Podpora společnosti J4 s.r.o. na zahraničních trzích

Registrační číslo projektu: CZ.01.2.111/0.0/0.0/16_047/0008908

Popis projektu: Projekt je realizován v rámci Operačního programu Podnikání a inovace pro konkurenceschopnost. Předmětem předkládaného projektu je zvýšení konkurenceschopnosti společnosti J4 s.r.o. na zahraničních trzích, a to pomocí podpory účasti firmy na 7 mezinárodních veletrzích v letech 2017 až 2019. Účast na vybraných veletrzích přispěje společnosti k novým zakázkám, zvýšení obratů a také k celkovému růstu společnosti. Projekt je spolufinancován Evropskou unií.

With regard to the client´s need, type of the production and the selected equipment we are capable to supply these lines as semi-automated and but also as fully automated for typical tin bread baked in pans without covers, which enable continuous automated operation.
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Tin bread lines

Complete standard line consists of the following equipment:

  • flour silos,
  • bowl mixing centre with flour, water and ingredients dosing,
  • dough divider,
  • transport conveyors,
  • conical rounder,
  • pre – proofer,
  • loaf shaper with dough moulder,
  • pan feeder,
  • proofer loading equipment,
  • proofer,
  • oven loading equipment,
  • tunnel oven,
  • pan unloading equipment (depanner),
  • pans handling,
  • cooling system,
  • packing of final products.

Typical tunnel ovens for formed bread can be chosen either with wire mesh band or with wire band with upright small plate. The conveyor based on a link wire band with upright small plate, which is primarily distinguished for its higher bearing capacity, operational life and air circulation improved by duotherm in the oven baking tunnel.

Besides the above mentioned band conveyors, our company has developed also a unique solution for baking tin bread by putting proofer and oven in one equipment with help of one conveyor. We call this equipment Aggregate, whose main advantage is price, simplicity and possibility for usage of very runny types of dough.

Baking band ovens for such type of production are generally added by air circulation in the baking tunnel – so called duotherm, which improves the convection, uniform brown colouring of the product on all his sides and creation of lower bread crust.

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