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“We build ovens for mastersof their craft”

Company profile

Company profile of J4 s.r.o.

The company J4 s.r.o. was established in 1994 by the experts with almost 30-years of experience in the field of development and production of baking tunnel ovens. The company started with the production of individual baking ovens and progressively it worked its way up to the supply of the whole bakery and confectionary lines that meet all the requirements of craft and industrial production.

Within a short time of its existence the company J4 s.r.o. has become a leading player on European markets and the markets in the Middle East and Far East and it was achieved first and foremost by own development and by careful monitoring of quality in the production.  At the present the company supplies baking equipment to Northern and Southern America, Africa, Europe and Asia, see references.


J4 s.r.o. – producer of baking equipment

Currently the company J4 s.r.o. deals primarily with development and production of baking tunnel ovens (cyclothermic, electrical, direct heated, convection and thermo-oil) and with the complete supplies of bakery and confectionary lines. These lines are intended for baking both rye, rye-wheat or wheat bread and also various types of bakery and confectionary products (such as pastries, toast bread, hamburger buns, gingerbread, pies, cakes, pretzels, salted sticks, crackers, biscuits, cookies and others), overview can be found here.

Today, the baking ovens produced with components from renowned companies, also work like fully automatic lines (only with supervision). The technology of baking is fully automated, controlled by special software for setting up to 300 recipes. You can also select ovens equipped with STIR technology and highly effective equipment for generating steam, BVP and equipment for using waste heat. With this, we achieve minimum power consumption as well as minimum investment and operating costs per ton of baked goods.

J4 s.r.o.

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Předměřice nad Labem

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VAT ID Number: 60935731


Registered at Municipal Court

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Telephone: +420 495 581 139

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Ing. Michal Verner

Head of Service