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Arab bread and pita bread lines


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Název projektu: Podpora společnosti J4 s.r.o. na zahraničních trzích

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Popis projektu: Projekt je realizován v rámci Operačního programu Podnikání a inovace pro konkurenceschopnost. Předmětem předkládaného projektu je zvýšení konkurenceschopnosti společnosti J4 s.r.o. na zahraničních trzích, a to pomocí podpory účasti firmy na 7 mezinárodních veletrzích v letech 2017 až 2019. Účast na vybraných veletrzích přispěje společnosti k novým zakázkám, zvýšení obratů a také k celkovému růstu společnosti. Projekt je spolufinancován Evropskou unií.

Lines, producing cakes, make use of cake cups made of paper filled in with dough with filling. These paper cups are placed in steel or silicone tins that create the support for the transport and baking.
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Arab bread and pita bread lines

The company J4 s.r.o. supplies its production lines for producing the Arab style bread and pita bread to the Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait mainly.

Complete standard line consists of the following equipment:

  • flour silos,
  • mixing plant with flour, water and ingredients dosing,
  • dough divider,
  • forming device,
  • pre-proofer,
  • band proofer,
  • oven reloading equipment,
  • high-temperature baking band oven,
  • cooling and transport conveyors,
  • packing of the finished products.

The baking technology for production of the Arab and pita style breads requires tunnel high temperature ovens working in the range of very high temperatures of baking. The temperatures in the baking space reaches up to 550°C. Thanks to mastering the issues about the convection of very hot heating media, the company J4 s.r.o. has become the proved producer of high-temperature ovens. The baking ovens can be equipped with gas or electrical emitters in the space below or above the band or in case of the cyclotherm ovens with the typical burners with intensive convection compound of heat transferring in the upper as well as in the bottom part of the oven baking chamber. The burners, working in the cyclotherm ovens, enable the combustion of common used types of gas or liquid fuels.

The besides the requirement for high temperatures it is also an interesting requirement for the short period of baking. The baking time is very short for this type of products and it varies from 30 s to 80 s depending on its weight.

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