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Company J4 manufactured and put into operation the anniversary oven with number 650 successfully last month. The oven was delivered to the confectionary company Ageevskij in Russian town Penza. The original small sweet shop with hand manufacturing, which was founded in 2000, enhanced its production

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The company J4 has supplied a line for baking bread (batons) with a capacity of 3500 pieces/h to Voronezh (Russia). Cyclothermic tunnel oven PPP 3.0 61.221-Du with STIR technology.The furnace is equipped with servo drives to control the furnace flaps. The operator enters the desired temperature

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Representatives of the company J4 for the second time took part in the international exhibition DJAZAGRO, 09.-12.04.2018 in Algeria.

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Every year, J4 takes part in many international exhibitions, where it presents a rich range of its tunnel ovens and equipment. At one of these exhibitions we managed to attract the interest of the client, who became the first owner of the furnace from the company J4 in New Zealand. The order w

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In early February 2018, J4 took part in the 22nd international exhibition of bakery and confectionery products EUROPAIN 2018 in Paris. This year, the event was organized in three main segments: production-sales-management, which allowed better orient in the expositions of exhibitors. Another im

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The company J4 has developed and successfully launched a cyclothermic tunnel oven PPP 2,5 57.725-2V, Du, heated by pellets, in Rukanesti (Romania). This type of fuel assumes an automatic system for collecting and removing ash. The pellet oven is based on the principle of operation of a cyclothermic

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