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New Batons line (Voronezh, Russia)

The company J4 has supplied a line for baking bread (batons) with a capacity of 3500 pieces/h to Voronezh (Russia). Cyclothermic tunnel oven PPP 3.0 61.221-Du with STIR technology.

The furnace is equipped with servo drives to control the furnace flaps. The operator enters the desired temperature in each zone on the touch screen, further the system automatically adjusts the position of the flaps, which greatly simplifies the operation of the furnace.

STIR is special ceramic layer put on the upper heating radiator provides significantly faster heating of the baked products crumb than in comparison with common convection baking methods. With use of STIR technology, it results in lower loss of dough during baking, in the increase of the size and quality of the baked product, by that the product freshness is prolonged and that the baking time is shortened (for batons for 17 minutes!).

Line description:

  • Dough divider
  • Cone rounder
  • Pre-proofer
  • Dough machine
  • Proofer with automatic temperature control in the oven chamber
  • Cutting device
  • Cyclothermic oven with automatic temperature control in the oven chamber
  • Transfer conveyor
  • Multi-zone cooling cabinet

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