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Launching of the anniversary oven no. 650


Company J4 manufactured and put into operation the anniversary oven with number 650 successfully last month. The oven was delivered to the confectionary company Ageevskij in Russian town Penza. The original small sweet shop with hand manufacturing, which was founded in 2000, enhanced its production step by step up to 3 continual lines.

The latest blade oven with the marking PPP 1,2 28.212-2V is intended to bake biscuits and Russian ginger bread with the production capacity 1,2 t/h. Gingerbread are modified by so-called glazing after baking. Glazing means the process of coating the product with melted sugar topping that leaves a thin layer of the sugar glazer coating on the surface of gingerbread after cooling down.

It concerns the cyclo-thermic oven with gas heating. The oven is divided into 4 temperature zones with 2 chimneys that are equipped with burners Weishaupt WG20. Heating system is utilized additionally with duo-thermic circuit (DUOTHERM) that consists of 2 fans located in the baking tunnel, air distribution system and exhaust nozzles. It is possible to set the speed of air ventilation in the baking tunnel by the change of revolutions of the fan. Thus the user can adjust the output of the baking oven, improve the brown colouring on the sides of the baked product, decrease the necessary baking time and heat transfer surface of the oven radiators whenever during baking.

The oven is further furnished with the technology STIR,  so-called ceramic layer creating infrared radiation. Infrared radiation penetrates very fast through the product to the core, where the requested temperature is reached for the better crumb of the baked product. As result of this STIR technology, the bread crust is created more slowly on the surface of the product and it is thinner, the products have a large volume. Baking is performed on the full-metal blade band. Stainless steel fan of forced draft enables to decrease the humidity inside the baking tunnel exactly according to wish of technologist. Speed of the fan can be smoothly controlled with help of the frequency convertor.

The oven is fitted with programmable logic controller (PLC) that makes the oven control and view the process easier and thus it decreases demand for oven personal besides other things. To start the production, it is enough to turn on the control panel and to choose the requested recipe on the touch screen and to switch ON the whole oven by pressing one button. PLC will take care of heating up of the oven to the requested temperature, setting of the requested baking time, output of -duotherms and power of the forced drafts.

Spuštění jubilejní 650. pece1Spuštění jubilejní 650. pece2Spuštění jubilejní 650. pece3Spuštění jubilejní 650. pece4Spuštění jubilejní 650. pece5Spuštění jubilejní 650. pece6Spuštění jubilejní 650. pece7Spuštění jubilejní 650. pece8Spuštění jubilejní 650. pece9Spuštění jubilejní 650. pece10