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Launch of a new line in Leeuwarden (Netherlands)


J4 has commissioned new equipment - a tunnel belt furnace with a cooling tunnel located under the furnace. The reason for developing this design was the customer's demand for high performance, as well as a lack of space in the existing premises.

The customer from Leeuwarden (Netherlands), for whom the project was prepared, is one of the largest European producers of breadcrumbs. Due to the already established production and smooth logistics, the customer decided to place a new line next to the existing one.

The technology of manufacturing breadcrumbs in the production in Leeuwarden is as follows: from the ribbon of dough cut cubes with the size 10x10x5 cm and weight 300 g, which are baked in the oven J4 and cooled after baking under the oven, then crushed into small pieces, dried and crushed into crumbs.

The subject of J4 delivery was a proofing, a ribbon oven with a 4x28 m log, a cooling tunnel with two conveyors stacked one above the other with a total length of 70 m and a ventilation system for the cooling tunnel (26,000 m3 / h). An evolutionary solution was the unified power structure of the furnace and the cooling tunnel with a height of 2.3 m in accordance with the technological cooling requirements (from 95 ° C to 35 ° C).

The new installed line has a nominal capacity of 5.3 tons / hour, during the tests the maximum capacity was set at about 7 tons per hour. This result was achieved primarily thanks to the technology STIR, used in the furnaces J4.

During the installation of equipment and installation, the company employees faced various difficulties - shipment of component parts was possible only through a hole in the roof of the room, and it was necessary to take into account the ongoing process of baking and coordinating the work of several companies in a limited space.

Despite the circumstances, the installation was successful, and the bread crumbs from the Czech oven in Leeuwarden keep the way, mainly, to the European producers of frozen packaged products.

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