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“We build ovens for mastersof their craft”

1st bakery oven J4 in New Zealand

Every year, J4 takes part in many international exhibitions, where it presents a rich range of its tunnel ovens and equipment. At one of these exhibitions we managed to attract the interest of the client, who became the first owner of the furnace from the company J4 in New Zealand. The order went to the oven for the production of cookies, with a product weight from 60g to 100g, with different flavors and pieces of real chocolate.
J4 has designed and launched a new PPP 1.2 19.2 822-Du electric tunnel oven in Auckland, located between two harbors in the northern part of the North Island of New Zealand. The first pilot launch will take place in May 2018, after the delivery of jigging equipment from the Netherlands. The J4 tunnel oven was completely assembled and connected in our company and transported in 3 containers by sea. Therefore, the final installation was carried out in just 10 days by three J4 employees. The new bakery will be equipped with solar panels, so the owner decided in favor of an electric tunnel oven.
Technical parameters of the furnace:
· Belt width 1.2 m, oven chamber length 16 m, total length 28 m
· Steel conveyor belt
· exhaust fan
· DUOTHERM system
· Exhauster 4 m
· Triple strip cleaning (scraper at the exit of the oven, belt cleaning brush and modular scrapers)
· Smooth adjustment of electric heating elements (with the help of PID-regulators)

Pekařské pece J4 na Novém Zélandu1Pekařské pece J4 na Novém Zélandu2Pekařské pece J4 na Novém Zélandu3