IBA is the 3rd largest international exhibition of baking technologies, 1373 exhibitors and a record number of visitors (76,800!) From around the world.

Company J4 has established its strong position among the suppliers of furnaces, despite the growing competition. We can safely say that this exhibition was very successful for us. In addition to a pleasant meeting with traditional partners, we opened an unprecedented number of new projects for potential customers from different countries.
We were very pleased with the genuine interest in our oven from such exotic areas as the Philippines. This island nation is the 12th most populous country in the world with more than 104 million people, whose eating habits are constantly changing, which increases the demand for bakery products. Our Philippine partner is a multinational bakery company not only in the Philippines, but also in Malaysia, Singapore and Australia, and finally decided to start producing bread on the J4 oven. But this is not bread, as we know it from our supermarkets, but sweet "Yummy bread", flavored with chocolate.
A pleasant surprise was also the interest of companies from EU countries, which are increasingly inclined to the quality of Czech engineering and engineering, represented in the segment of our tunnel kilns.

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