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Another major project launched at the end of 2018 is the launch of two new PPP 1.5 15.218-D and PPP 1.5 15.221-D ovens in Wijchen, the Netherlands. The third PPP 1.5 15.228-D furnace will be installed in February of this year. All three ovens are designed for baking pitta bread from 40 to 100 g at a temperature of about 400 ° C. The ovens are heated with DC stainless steel burners with a total maximum power of 1.2 MW per oven!
Pitt's bread moves from proofing directly to the conveyor belt. One oven has a thin mesh belt, and the other two ovens have steel plates 20 mm thick. The sheet steel furnace is equipped with a drive unit with a weight of approx. 1.5 tons, on which the conveyor belt moves with steel plates, the mass of which is 5 times larger, i.e. 8 tons. This is possible thanks to the conveyor with a unique chain design.
Consequently, the devices must be adapted in such a way that they can not only smoothly move the belts, but also successfully compensate for all thermal expansions resulting from such high baking temperatures.

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