Pre-steam is a facility that makes possible to improve the hydration of the product surface according to the technological requirements.

Separated pre-steam is chosen with regard to the requested technology of the production and with regard to this length the number of installed steaming pipes differs also.

The main benefit of using this pre-steam is that the product is steamed in a “cold”, unheated chamber in front of the oven. Thereby we attain much better adhesion of the steam to the product, thus also providing more effective use of steam.

The use of pre-steam is suitable for both the production of specialities such as sushka, baranka, grissini and the like, and for a number of other, entirely different products depending on local custom and traditional production technologies.

Pre-steam is installed at the infeed area of the oven and in close relation to the oven baking tunnel.

The standard length of the pre-steam installed on the oven is 600 mm and it contains three double-jacketed steam pipes with 100% condensate separation. This optional accessory is available for all types and sizes of baking ovens.

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