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Ing. Jiří Černík - Chief Executive Officer and co-owner of the company
SPŠ strojní Chrudim, CTU (Czech Technical University) Prague, 30 years in construction dpt. for baking band ovens, 17 years chief design engineer of baking equipment, PPP oven design and technology since 1994

e-mail: cernik@j4.eu

Jan Dubišar - Chief Executive Officer and co-owner of the company
Skilled locksmith, SPŠ strojní (high school-mechanical), 30 years in production of baking band ovens, 2 years a production foreman, 18 years as an assembly and service foreman, production manager of PPP ovens since 1994

e-mail: dubisar@j4.eu

Jiří Souček - Chief Executive Officer and co-owner of the company
Skilled electro, SPŠ elektro Pardubice (high school-electrical), authorised to review electro and gas equipment, 30 years in servicing food machines, head of independent assembly and service group since 1994

e-mail: soucek@j4.eu 

Josef Mázl jr. - Chief Executive Officer and co-owner of the company
SPŠ strojní in Hradec Králové (high school-mechanical), 1/2 year in baking process with PPC ovens, in production preparation, production, assembly, technical documentation of ovens and sales since 1998

e-mail: mazl@j4.eu

Ing. Martin Filipi - Executive Director
SPŠ elektro Pardubice (high school-electrical), CTU (Czech Technical University) Prague, electro design of PPP baking band ovens since 2003, a manager of assembly and service of PPP ovens since 2001, Executive Director since 2007

e-mail: filipi@j4.eu

Bc. Antonín Dostál – Commercial Director
SPŠ strojní Praha (high school – mechanical), CTU (Czech Technical University) Prague, 10 years in research and development in automotive, 1 year as a head of the production, sales manager of the company J4 s.r.o. for Europe, Middle East, America, Africa and Australia since 2012, commercial director since 2014

e-mail: dostal@j4.eu 

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