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Archive of news and press releases


Oven assembly in Russia

In the Russian city of Šadrinsk we just launched into operation a hybrid tunnel oven PPP 1.2 50212-H with steel conveyor belt, with baking area 50 m2. The first 26 m of the oven are fitted with a direct-heating burners and... [more]


Launching into operation: 3 ovens for common pastries in Rosice - Czech Republic

Last year, our company has introduced a modified cyclothermic oven for baking common pastries. Besides the standard equipment such as 6-pipe steaming, Duotherm or ceramic surface of upper radiators STIR, has newly the oven the... [more]


Installation of a new tunnel oven in Rostov on Don

In Rostov on Don, situated on the Black Sea coast, we launched into operation new cyclothermic tunnel oven type PPP 1.4 34.212-2V, Du with full steel belt SANDVICK for baking biscuits. This new oven is during the last two years... [more]


J4 representatives introduced offer of tunnel baking ovens in Poland

J4 representatives attended the bakery exhibition Polagra-Tech 2016, held from 25 to 29. September 2016 in the Polish city of Poznan. [more]


Installation of oven in Belarus

In the city of Vitebsk, which is north-west of Belarus, our company has launched a hybrid oven PPP 0,8 14.212-H for baking crackers. This oven is used first direct heating, and then convection. [more]


New J4 oven in Pakistan

J4 installed in Islamabad (northern Pakistan) new cyclothermic tunnel oven type PPP 3 74.216-2V, Du for baking toast bread. The oven is due to instability of the pressure in gas connection equipped with dual fuel burner from... [more]

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