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Dnipropetrovsk - Ukraine

Tunnel oven type PPP 1,2 48.711-3V [mehr]


New tunnel oven v JIPEK - Česká Lípa

Tunnel oven type PPP 3 68.225-2V, Du [mehr]


Lapek Jihlava

Tunnel oven type PPP 2,1 50.211, St, Du [mehr]


New Batons line (Voronezh, Russia)

The company J4 has supplied a line for baking bread (batons) with a capacity of 3500 pieces/h to Voronezh (Russia). Cyclothermic tunnel oven PPP 3.0 61.221-Du with STIR technology.The furnace is equipped with servo drives to... [mehr]


Internationalen Ausstellung DJAZAGRO 2018

Vertreter der Firma J4 haben zum zweiten Mal an der internationalen Ausstellung DJAZAGRO, 09.-12.04.2018 in Algerien teilgenommen. [mehr]


1st bakery oven J4 in New Zealand

Every year, J4 takes part in many international exhibitions, where it presents a rich range of its tunnel ovens and equipment. At one of these exhibitions we managed to attract the interest of the client, who became the first... [mehr]

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